Dave and Georgina Witt, 6399 Bricker Road, Greenwood, Michigan 48006.  Phone: (810) 387-3534 / Fax: (810) 387-4145.

Sanctum surrounds itself with the most skilled tradesman in the industry, thus enabling Sanctum to run with an untarnished record and a spotless reputation for quality and timelines.  Steve Witt of Sanctum Contracting designed and did the build out of the ground floor offices and loft on the Malmok Project ar 221 Huron St. We are proud and very happy to have worked together with Sanctum on this project and are working with them again on the design and construction of the Arashi project on Quay Street.  This project will consist of 10 lofts, 1 Penthouse loft, 5 retail store and 4 walk out basement seasonal retail stores.  We will continue to work with Sanctum on future projects.

Sanctum is a locally owned and operated building company.

Sanctum's reputation has been built by its owner, Steve Witt and his dedicated key employees.  Steve is an on site worker/manager. He engineers, quotes and builds the project and provides service after the job.